ABQLA Bulletin Volume 53.1 January-April 2012

President's Message - March 2012

This past year was filled with excitement for ABQLA members, and it goes without saying, for its President. And it is with great pleasure that I reported on this at the Partnership meeting in Toronto. For those who are not familiar with the Partnership, it is a group that consists of the Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Executive Directors of every library association of every province, territory, and region of Canada. We meet twice per year to discuss national issues and do much valuable networking.

Message de la présidente - mars 2012

Pour les membres de l’ABQLA, et il va sans dire pour sa présidente, l’année écoulée a vraiment été passionnante. C’est donc avec un immense plaisir que j’ai transmis tout ce qui suit à la rencontre du Partenariat à Toronto. Pour ceux et celles qui ne le connaissent pas bien, le Partenariat regroupe les présidents, vice-présidents et directeurs généraux de chacune des associations de bibliothécaires des provinces, territoires et régions du Canada. Nous nous réunissons deux fois l’an pour discuter de sujets d’envergure nationale et développer nos réseaux de façon très fructueuse.

ImageYouth Section: Dystopian fiction for Young Adults

If you have been engaged in reader’s advisory for young adults for the past couple of years, you might have noticed an increasing interest in dystopian fiction. The forthcoming release of the movie Hunger Games (March 23rd 2012) based on the book series by Suzanne Collins with the same title stirs the spirits and invites for a compilation of suggested readings lists that will appeal to young patrons who crave to prolong the pleasure of sharing exciting adventures in this genre.


Youth Section: TD Canadian Children's Book Week 2012

An annual event promoting literacy and bringing together authors and illustrators with their audiences, the TD Canadian Children’s Book Week will be held nationwide from May 5th – 12th 2012.  In Montreal, the ABQLA jointly with the Canadian Children’s Roundtable is glad to organize the visit of author Caroline Pignat.

College & Research Section: Open Access Update

On November 28, 2011, the ABQLA College and Research Section hosted an “Open Access Update” at Concordia’s Webster Library, exploring open access initiatives at the McGill and Concordia University libraries, as well as through national funding agencies.

School Library Section Report

The School Library section of the ABQLA is gathering steam! After participation in the Maurice Sendak storytelling event at the Jewish Public Library (in association with the Youth and Public Library sections) the school section foresees three upcoming school-related events.

ImageKathy Dempsey's 'Writing Marketing Messages that Matter'

Kathy Dempsey, Library Marketing Consultant at Libraries are Essential (http://www.librariesareessential.com/), presented a fact-packed workshop sponsored by the ABQLA at the 2011 Congrès des milieux documentaires du Québec.

Her workshop Writing Marketing Messages That Matter provided concrete tips on everything from getting rid of confusing library-speak to participating in social media in meaningful ways.

Reading online: too distracting?

In a recent discussion I had with someone about tablets in the school library, it was brought to my attention that some people see tablets has having the potential of distracting people from reading. With all the additional abilities that tablets have such as apps or web access they detract from the e-reader aspect of the device. My response was simply - so??

ABQLA/CLA/SLA Holiday Fundraiser for CODE

The annual CODE fundraiser, a highly-anticipated tradition in Montreal’s library community, has taken place for an impressive 28 years. This year’s iteration had a different sparkle at a new venue, held on December 5, 2011 at Phillips Lounge in the city’s downtown sector.

ImageCelebrating 100 Years with a Sleepover at the Library!

Thinking about hosting a library sleepover? The first thing you need is an enthusiastic staff with great stamina! When I started thinking about how we would close the Westmount Public Children’s Library's 100th anniversary celebrations, I knew we wanted to do something special, especially for the older children at the Library. ... Inspiration came when I read about the plans for the New York Public Library's 100th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt Find the Future at NYPL. I thought we also have an amazing history - why not invite our kids to discover it overnight!



FRBR in the Jewish Public Library

On a warm spring evening in Paris on May 29, 1913, an opulent crowd at the Champs Élysées Theatre rioted at the premiere performance of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. One shrewd musicologist wrote that "the pagans on stage made pagans of the audience." The piece is a celebration of pagan rituals that eventually leads to a sacrifice of a chosen young woman to propitiate the gods of spring. No such harsh reaction greeted the introduction of RDA or FRBR to the library community back in 1997 when the new replacement for AACR2 was introduced by IFLA, although it certainly hasn’t been without resistance from some elements, possibly because paradigms (MARC is a little over 40 years old) and the people who conceive them shift just a bit more slowly than the tectonic plates.

Librarians Abroad: Cardiff Library (photos)


Book Reviews