ABQLA Time Capsule

Contributed by Rosemary Cochrane

At a time when so many of us are taking an interest in our own genealogies (perhaps with the help of our local library), we know well the thrill – and fun – of finding yet another document that validates our particular history.  Such was the feeling elicited recently as regards the history of our own Association.  At a Board Meeting (27 October 2010), Janet Ilavsky reported coming across in the Archives the original Lettres patentes, complete with bright red seal, which incorporated our Association as a non-profit organization, dated 21 November 1946.  

She noted that the document found was only in French.  Following the meeting, Board member Eamon Duffy lost no time in going online and located an entry in the Gazette officielle de Québec, 28 décembre 1946, Tome 78, No. 52.  The Notice, including its reference to the Secretary as “spinster,” appeared in both English and French, and is attached here as a PDF document.  

From its establishment in 1932, ABQLA carried on its business of meetings, publications, briefs, collaboration with other associations and involvement in local societal concerns(1).  What then prompted the discussion, under the presidency of Joseph-Antoine Brunet, wherein incorporation was described as “highly desirable” (Minutes of Council, 10 October 1945) and where there was also supposed interest in the Association becoming a “professional syndicate” (Minutes, 17 October 1945)?   One can only speculate.  

(1) McNally, P.F. and Cochrane, R.  Quebec Library Association/L’Association des bibliothécaires du Québec.  Montreal, 2009, p. 5-6 / p. 5-6.

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