Battle Decks

Be at Battle Decks to see 5 of libraryland’s finest compete for the title of ABQLA Battle Decks Champion! Battle Decks is a competitive improvisational event - presenters get to flex their muscles in front of a live audience by giving a presentation on the fly with PowerPoint slides they have never seen before.  5 presenters get 5 minutes to talk through 20 slides.

Our 4 esteemed judges will score each presenter based on originality, flow, and whether all slides are used in the allotted time.  We will be collecting entries throughout the day for a draw to be one of the Battle Decks judges. You could be our wildcard judge!



Host: Amy Buckland
eScholarship, ePublishing & Digitization Coordinator 
McGill University
(and Battle Deck champion)

Amy thinks libraryland is ripe for a revolution. She hates “sage on the stage” presentations so is thrilled that ABQLA is doing this.





Competitor: Meg Ecclestone
Collections Development Librarian, Eastern Canada at YBP Library Services.

As a vendor rep, she knows how to ooze charm and think on her feet – let that be a warning to her Battle Decks opponents!





Competitor: Alexandra Yarrow
Coordinator of Carlingwood Branch of the Ottawa Public Library

Alex comes from a prestigious line of actors, orators, priests and publicans, so she has a high threshold for BS, and has developed nerves of steel and the reflexes of a ninja in 14 years of public library work.





Competitor: Fiacre O'Duinn
Cataloguing Librarian, Hamilton Public Library

After "killing" the Battledecks competition in Ireland, Fiacre O'Duinn came to Canada hoping he would find a challenge. He doubts he will.








Competitor: Olivier Charboneau
Business Librarian at Concordia University since 2003 & doctoral candidate in law

If he can bend around sly business students and copyright issues, imagine what he will do to his opponents…






Competitor: Dr. Carolyn Hank
Assistant Professor at the School of Information Studes, McGill

While this may be her first official “battle decks” presentation, it is definitely not the first time she has just made stuff up on the spot while standing in front of a room full of people.





The Judges

Ed Bilodeau, Web Services Librarian, McGill University
Patrick Lozeau, bibliothécaire à la Direction associée — Bibliothèques de Montréal
Jenica Rogers, Director of Libraries, SUNY Potsdam College Libraries