Board of Directors

President Leticia Cuenca
Past President Sonia Smith
Vice President Julian Taylor
Treasurer Anne Wade
Director (2015-2017) Jennifer Eisman
Director (2015-2017) Emily MacKenzie
Director (2016-2017) Alisa Soukhodolskaia
Director (2016-2018) Robin Canuel
Director (2016-2018) Paul Grewal
Director (2016-2018) Catherine Ann Vary
President, College & Research section Katherine Hanz
Vice President, College & Research section Krista Alexander
President, Public Libraries section Zile Ozols
Vice President, Public Libraries section Maria Ressina
President, School Libraries section Alissa Rosellini
Vice President, School Libraries section Joan Harrison
President, Youth section Nicholas Warren
Vice President, Youth section Julia Wagner
President, McGill Student Chapter Catherine Henderson
Library Technicians Interest Group Dormant - contact us
Anne Galler Award Committee Sonia Smith (Chair)
Archives Committee Rosemary Cochrane, Janet Ilavsky
Awards Committee Susie Breier (Chair)
Budget Planning Committee Anne Wade (Chair)
Bylaws Committee Rosemary Cochrane, Janet Ilavsky
Communications Commitee

ABQLA Bulletin Editor-in-chief: Sandra Bebbington, Book Review Editors: Raphaella Dixon and Dana Ingalls, Online Bulletin and Advertising Editor: Erika Kirsch, Social Media Editor: Janice Kung. Translation and Conference Editor: Anaïs Salamon, Print Layout Editor: Julian Taylor, Webmaster: Anna Dysert, Joshua Chalifour.

Fall Kick-off Organizing Committee To be determined
Nominations Committee Sonia Smith (Chair)
Professional Development Day Organizing Committee To be determined
PACTE (Provincial Advisory Council on the Teaching of English) To be determined
CODE Fundraiser Linda Toivanen, Christine Jacobs
Comité consultatif sur le livre, la littérature et les bibliothèques To be determined
Congrès des milieux documentaires du Québec Eamon Duffy, Shannon Babcock
Continuing Education Certificate (The Partnership) To be determined
Education Institute (The Partnership) To be determined
National advocacy committee To be determined
PACTE (Provincial Advisory Council on the Teaching of English) Julian Taylor
Table des milieux documentaires et archivistiques du Québec (TAMDAQ) To be determined
Executive Secretary: Margaret Goldik