Concordia Libraries' Poster Forum

Concordia University Libraries will be holding our 7th annual "Poster Forum" session on Friday, May 1st.

The deadline for submitting a proposal to be a presenter is Monday, March 16.

The purpose of the Poster Forum is to provide Librarians with an opportunity to promote interest in different kinds of research, to seek suggestions for enhancing their research interests, to possibly find new partners for projects, to test the effectiveness of their undertakings and generally to abet research activity in the academic library community.

The Poster Forum is designed to show a diversity of research interests. Participants are encouraged to make their presentations on any topic related to the field of library science. The goal of the Poster Forum is to highlight the process of research. Accordingly, presentations need not relate to completed or terminated research only, but may reflect any stage or aspect of a librarian’s research process, including the conceptualization, the planning, the data gathering, the funding opportunities, the compilation and the findings.

Information on submitting your proposal can be found at:

For questions, please contact:

Andrea Harland

Chair, Concordia University Librarians’ Forum