Marketing 101: expanding the library's customer base (LAA)

The Library Association of Alberta (LAA) has shared a recent presentation on marketing library services that may be of interest to Quebec librarians as well. Here is the email we received from Renée Reaume, LAA President, and the link to the presentation.


LAA is pleased to be able to share with the library community Marigold Library System’s publication Marketing 101: expanding the library’s customer base .

You will find out what seven things people need to know about the library in order to help increase your customer base. This publication can help guide you when you’re planning a marketing program, refreshing your existing communication tools or thinking about enhancing services and programs.

The guide is also posted on the LAA site under Advocacy and is intended for wide distribution and use.

Marigold would appreciate acknowledgement on any material from Marketing 101 that is reprinted.

Renée Reaume
LAA President