Welcome to Back to a New School Year!

My name is Amanda Halfpenny and I am the new president of the student chapter of the ABQLA at McGill for 2009-2010. Last week marked the beginning of a new school year and the Library and Information Studies program at McGill is teeming with new arrivals who all seem nervous but optimistic about this new stage in their lives. I had the privilege to meet with new students at their orientation session and to tell them about some of the exciting events that our association organized last year, such as a trip to a sugar shack, cocktail hours and visits from Mary Moroska (librarian at Rosyln School in Westmount) and JoAnne Turnbull (director of the CRSBP in the Laurentians).

I encouraged the students to get involved in the association this year in order to plan activities and events that they will find interesting. Being involved in the ABQLA has allowed me to make new friends, meet interesting library professionals and brush up on my organizational and communication skills. I look forward to introducing soon our new executive committee for 2009-2010 as our elections will take place on September 22nd 2009.

Our goal this year will be to encourage students to be more active in ABQLA events and in the design of the website. I would encourage you when you see students at ABQLA events to introduce yourself to them and make them feel welcome. These may be after all your future colleagues! For the moment, they especially need your encouragement and advice.

Thank you and I hope to see you all soon!

Amanda Halfpenny


ABQLA McGill Student Chapter President 2009-2010