Continuing Education Certificate

As a member of the Partnership, Canada’s network of provincial Library Associations, the ABQLA is pleased to offer our members the Continuing Education Certificate (CEC) to enhance your professional development. The CEC is a national program that gives you the tools to plan, document and reveal your professional development activities, and to connect with volunteer mentors to guide your learning process.  At the end of the three year program, you receive a certificate documenting your learning activity.  The registration fee is $40.00 for the entire program, and your participation supports the activities of your Provincial Association.  Find out more at, or check out the CEC- Partnership Linked In Group  and start tracking your learning today.
For those of you interested in the Continuing Education Certificate please find the basic information attached. The CEC is up and running and you can now register. This is a great way to make all those webinars, workshops and conferences you attend or prepare, and the professional reading or writing you do stand up and be counted!
Membership in ABQLA or Partnership associations is a prerequisite for registration. This is a great opportunity to encourage new members to join. Please spread the word to those around you.
The Partnership is also looking for mentors for this program (see Mentorship at ).

What did you learn today?  Show your employer  #ceclibrary #libraries

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