Dear Flyary

ImageWritten by Dianne Young, illustrated by John Martz

Kids Can Press, 2012

32 p: $18.95 (hardcover)

ISBN: 9781554534487 (hardcover)

Reviewed by Shanna Shadoan

Ages 4-9

Frazzle the alien has just gotten his own spaceship, and he’s so excited to fly it! But when his beloved Model 7 starts making strange sounds, Frazzle has to take it to the mechanic. Every time she fixes it, though, a new sound appears. Is Frazzle’s spaceship ok?

Bright graphics and imaginative vocabulary characterize this picture book; words like “fetchmi” and “dropday” are sprinkled liberally throughout the colorful pages. While the depictions of alien life were interesting, the invented words were quite off-putting for me. I felt they made the book inaccessible and unnecessarily wordy, and so I decided to test it on a group of children aged 4-9.

My review helpers paid rapt attention and all gave this book a double thumbs-up! This may be one of those picture books that drives adults wild with frustration, but has strong kid-appeal.