NFB Film Club: Sasha Snow's acclaimed feature Hadwin's Judgement

Sasha Snow's acclaimed feature Hadwin's Judgement will be available via the NFB Film Club, as of April 2016.  This film is perfect for Earth Day.  

A shocking crime, a tragic mystery... and a prophetic warning

Based on Vancouver author John Vaillant's award-winning book The Golden Spruce, Hadwin's Judgement is a compelling hybrid of drama and documentary that chronicles BC logging engineer and survivalist Grant Hadwin's emotional crusade against clear-cutting.

Hadwin had lived and worked happily for many years in BCʼs remote and ancient forests. But witnessing the devastation wrought by clear-cutting finally drove him to commit what some would say was an extraordinary and perverse act, one that ran contrary to all he had come to value: the destruction of a 300-year-old tree held sacred by the Haida nation of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia.

Interweaving speculation, myth and reality, the film charts Hadwin's struggle to prevent the annihilation of the world's last great temperate rainforest, which ends tragically with a mystery—and a prophetic warning.

Hadwin's Judgement has received acclaim from a number of critics, including James Adams of the Globe and Mail, who called the film a "gorgeously photographed, compulsively watchable, sympathetic doc," while Volkmar Richter of the Vancouver Observer hailed it as "rich with atmosphere, beautifully photographed and edited and powerful in using a tragedy to call for respect for the natural."

Here is the film's trailer:

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