Chicken, Pig Cow and the Class Pet

ImageChicken, Pig Cow and the Class Pet
Ruth Ohi
Annick Press, c2011
32 p. ; $6.95
9781554513468 (pbk)
Ages 2-5
Reviewed by: Bronwen Cathey

Chicken, Pig and Cow treasure Best Friend Dog.  One day, however, Dog is not there.  Instead, their owner, Girl, is bringing them to school!

Faced with a strange new environment and the class pet, Furface, the three animals work together to save their barn and get Furface back to his cage before the teacher arrives.   Will they make it home to tell Best Friend Dog what happened?

This story, the newest installment in the beloved Chicken, Pig Cow series, illustrates the power of friends working successfully as a team in an unfamiliar situation.  Filled with easy-to-read text complimented by lovely watercolor illustrations, Ohi’s book allows young readers to improve visual and verbal literacy, prediction, and comprehension.  A fun and humorous read, with just the right amount of suspense!