ABQLA Bulletin Volume 52.2 mai - aout 2011

Message de la présidente

Réussite…c’est le seul mot qui nous vient à l’esprit à propos du Congrès annuel de l’ABQLA de 2011. Nouveau lieu, nouveau format d’une journée, thème centré sur les défis actuels des bibliothèques (mobilité), et une quantité d’orateurs de renommée internationale: nous espérions avoir ainsi tous les ingrédients d’un événement gagnant.

President’s Message

Success…it is the only word that comes to mind when referring to this year’s ABQLA Annual Conference. With a new venue, a new one-day format, a theme that is central to the challenges libraries are facing (mobility), and a slew of internationally known speakers, we hoped that we had all the ingredients for a winning event.

School Libraries Section: End of Year Ruminations

Once again, we are at the end of another school year. Final exams are over, report cards are waiting to be picked up and--if you’re anything like me, you are probably tearing your hair out wondering once again, ”why haven’t my students returned their library books yet?!”

So, seeking some solace, I stumbled across some amusing web links that you might like to integrate into your usual Orientation classes in September.

ImagePublic Libraries Section: Readers Advisory 101

The Reader’s Advisory (RA) event hosted by the Public Library section of the ABQLA went off without a hitch.  A good time was had by all during the evening, held on May 26 at the Côte Saint-Luc Public Library. There was a lovely variety refreshments and an intimate café-like atmosphere. Library Director and City Manager Tanya Abramovitch, along with Assistant Library Director Janine West, gave a presentation on how their staff are trained in RA at the library.


ImageWestmount Children’s Library Celebrates 100 Years! 1911-2011

The Westmount Children’s Library opened its doors on January 13th, 1911. It took the Chief Librarian, Mary Saxe, ten years to persuade the council that the children needed their own library, complete with their own entrance, their own hours and their own children’s librarian. With this addition Mary Saxe felt that Westmount would have a model building. Notes from the City of Westmount’s 2011 Annual Report indicate that this was "the greatest event in the Library’s history since it was established”.

Oh the Places You Will Go (Literally)

Beginning a career in this fascinating and constantly changing field is both exciting and daunting. The job search, while at times exhilarating, is emotionally taxing. Having the option and desire to be mobile, I applied for public library positions in many communities across Canada and I was very fortunate to be offered the position of Youth Services Librarian at Huntsville Public Library. Re-locating to Huntsville, Ontario, a town of 18,280, has been quite a change from Calgary where I grew up, studied, and taught, and from Montreal where I completed the MLIS program at McGill.

Beaconsfield High School Library Poetry Contest 2011

The following poems were the top three winners in the 2011 Poetry Contest at Beaconsfield High School Library. All winners are in Grade 10, Secondary 4. We are very proud of their work and will look to their future as aspiring poets.

New Shakespeare DVD Collection at the Atwater Library

It has been said that William Shakespeare is Hollywood's greatest screenwriter. Thanks to a generous donation from a friend of the Library who prefers to remain anonymous, the Atwater DVD collection is well on the way to becoming the preeminent home of Shakespeare on film in Montreal. The heart of the new Shakespeare DVD Collection will be recordings of the complete canon from BBC and Stratford Festival productions featuring renowned Shakespearean actors such as Olivier and Gielgud.

Peter McNally, 2011 Bibliographical Society of Canada award recipient

The BSC/SbC awarded the Tremaine Medal to Peter McNally on May 30 during the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Fredericton.

ABQLA2011: Mobility: making connections @ your Library

Book Reviews