Help CARL communicate the value of fair dealing within Canada's copyright ecosystem

Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week 2018 runs from Monday, February 26 to Friday, March 2.

During this week, academic libraries and other organizations inform the broader community about their right to deal fairly with works and how this legal provision promotes freedom of expression and equitable access to copyright-protected materials. Canada's federal government is currently reviewing the Copyright Act, which makes it particularly important that the value and role of fair dealing be made clear as part of the broader discussion.

Several Canadian organizations have undertaken social media campaigns to improve understanding of fair dealing within their communities and to create opportunities for those who support fair dealing to make their voices heard (e.g. CAUT, CMEC). As part of its fair dealng advocacy, CARL is updating the Fair Dealing in Canada website, a site which collects personal testimonials around fair dealing ( -- soon to be relaunched as a fully bilingual site at and

Below are six ways to help support CARL's efforts and increase the reach of our collective advocacy efforts in the coming months:

  1. NOW: Go to and like and retweet relevant tweets. Whenever possible, add introductory text to your retweet that will resonate with your particular community.
  2. NOW: Encourage members of your community to submit testimonials for the website. Contact Lise ( in order to receive the Call for Testimonials in both French and English, or to submit testimonials.
  3. ONGOING: Use the following hashtags: #copyrightreview (which has been used by ISED itself), #fairdealingworks, #faircopyright (and during Fair Dealing Week: #fairdealingweek)
  4. ONGOING: Start following other organizations that support fair dealing in Canada e.g. @carlabrc, @CCMEC, @univcan, @CASAACAE, @CFSFCEE, @CC_Canada, @CollegeCan
  5. ONGOING: Tag other organizations (see #4) when tweeting about fair dealing, to make us aware of your campaign
  6. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26. 9:00 a.m. in your time zone: Set a reminder in your calendar to look out for CARL's targeted campaign tweet that will ask individuals to complete the sentence "#FairDealingWorks for me because ..." Retweet with a message encouraging your community and followers to participate.

Many thanks for your support. And please keep us posted on all your fair dealing and copyright advocacy efforts!

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact:

Lise Brin, Program Officer

Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL)