Mr. King’s Things

ImageWritten and illustrated by Geneviève Côté

Kids Can Press, 2012

32 p.; $18.95 (hardcover)

ISBN: 97815545370006 (hardcover)

Reviewed by Shanna Shadoan

Ages 5-8

Mr. King loves new things! When his things get old, he tosses them into his fishing pond, where they sink beneath the water and disappear. But when he accidentally hooks a giant monster made of all his castaway things, Mr. King realizes that throwing something away doesn’t make it vanish forever. With the help of his friends, Mr. King learns to make new creations out of his old things.

Cheerful, bright illustrations underscore the environmental message of the text, making this book a perfect read-aloud for a unit on conservation. Better yet, the story encourages the community-building aspect of being environmentally conscious, as Mr. King works with his friends to reuse his old things. A great introduction to environmental themes for young people.