Kathy Dempsey's 'Writing Marketing Messages that Matter'

ImageKathy Dempsey, Library Marketing Consultant at Libraries are Essential (http://www.librariesareessential.com/), presented a fact-packed workshop sponsored by the ABQLA at the 2011 Congrès des milieux documentaires du Québec.

Her workshop Writing Marketing Messages That Matter provided concrete tips on everything from getting rid of confusing library-speak to participating in social media in meaningful ways. For those who missed the presentation, tips and articles of interest to library marketers can be found on the Libraries are Essential (http://www.librariesareessential.com/) website, Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/LibrariesAreEssential), or on The 'M' Word - Marketing Libraries blog (http://themwordblog.blogspot.com/).

With approximately 50 people in the audience, Kathy delivered solid advice on making your marketing message matter. Some highlights from the workshop include the following points:

  • Convey the benefit for and to your audience in your marketing messages. Show them what’s in it for them.
  • Assume it’s all “on the record.” There is nothing that is “off the record.”
  • Practice answering the difficult and negative questions.
  • Create consistency in your press releases by using a template. Also, keep your messages short and clear.
  • Be the person the media comes to by letting them know what you are doing and why it matters.
  • Thank the journalists who write about your library.
  • Practice! Whether it’s with staff members or jumping in front of a man-on-the street interview opportunity, practice fine-tunes your message and your delivery.
  • Have an elevator pitch ready. Kathy pointed to the Harvard Business School elevator pitch builder (www.alumnni.hbs.edu/careers/pitch) as a helpful tool.
  • Respect journalists’ deadlines, but don’t be rushed into saying something you haven’t had the time to think through.

Kathy shared many more practical tips from her experience as both a journalist and a library marketer. Anyone in the audience that day would be able to add to this list of tips. The ABQLA was proud to sponsor this meaningful, relevant, and useful workshop and looks forward to bringing in more wonderful speakers in 2012.