Maria Savova's "McGill Library Makes E-books Portable: E-readers' Place Amongst Library Materials, Technology and Service"

Imageby Lindsey Sikora

The theme of this year’s annual ABQLA conference was “Mobility: Making Connections @ your Library.” A plethora of excellent presentations were given, and among them was Maria Savova’s talk entitled “McGill Library Makes E-books Portable: E-readers’ Place Amongst Library Materials, Technology and Service.” Maria is a Collection Development and Special Projects Librarian at McGill University, as well as the coordinator of the E-Readers Loan Service. This is complementary to the work she has also done on the implementation of the downloadable electronic content service from OverDrive, along with the WorldCat Local Discovery Tool at McGill.


In her presentation, Maria discussed the E-Reader Loan Service at McGill, it's beginnings, and the struggles and challenges the university faced while implementing the service and the success the service has seen since its implementation. Further to this, she also discussed the process through which McGill decided to select a specific type of e-reader and their reasons (e.g., its compatibility with OverDrive). Maria also delved into the challenges surrounding mobile reading devices and their place within academic libraries as a valuable educational resource by examining ways in which issues of digital copyright and mobile learning can be promoted among library clientele.