Beaconsfield High School Library Poetry Contest 2011

The following poems were the top three winners in the 2011 Poetry Contest at Beaconsfield High School Library. All winners are in Grade 10, Secondary 4. We are very proud of their work and will look to their future as aspiring poets.
First Place Poetry Winner

Time to Believe
Jessica Ford

If we never thought that there was anything more,
Would we question what lay beyond?
And if we never knew anything to be right,
Would we ponder whether we were wrong?

If nothing was ever proven or discovered,
Would we think there was nothing to find?
And if we never knew cruelty and hatred,
Would we cherish the gentle and kind?

If we never knew anything to be better,
Would we strive to overcome and achieve?
And if we did not hope and dream,
Would we take the time to believe?

Second Place Poetry Winner

Feelings of Nature
Alexandra Pastuszko

As I walk around this place
I feel the wind through my hair
I smell the scents of the forest
I see the beauty of nature
Feeling at home
Feeling at peace
The wolf howls
I follow
You are just standing there
Your coat silky grey mix
You show me the way as if I was yours
As you start walking away, I follow

Third Place Poetry Winner

Note by Note
Stephanie Morin

Note by note, a melody flows off the written page.
Dots and lines and symbols, which have slept throughout an age,
Now join with an instrument and listener’s ears engage.

Nothing matters anymore but that melodic phrase,
Skipping, running, jumping, dancing, setting souls ablaze,
Tearing hearts and mending them in unimaginative ways.

Words are not sufficient, even though it’s long been tried
They can’t show what feelings we keep locked down deep inside.
Music is reality, where loves and hates collide.

Though the troubles of the world grow heavy and hold tight,
In a place with music there is always hope and light
Note by precious note, the music makes it all feel right.

Inspired by:

“The key to the mystery of a great artist is that for reasons unknown, he will give away his energies and his life just to make sure that one note follows another... and leaves us with the feeling that something is right in the world.”
Leonard Bernstein