The Busy Beaver

ImageThe Busy Beaver
Nicholas Oldland
Kids Can Press 2011
32 pages 16,95 (CAN)
Ages 3 - 7
Reviewed by Leslie Corbay

In The Busy Beaver by Canadian author Nicholas Oldland, a very busy and inconsiderate beaver finds himself hurting others by carelessly chopping down trees and refusing to repair his beaver dam. After eventually hurting himself with his thoughtless ways, the beaver finds himself in a hospital recovery room where he has an epiphany and resolves to make amends and change his ways. Apologies and good gestures abound as this modern day fable explores the need to think before you act. With its colorful images, simple text and important lesson The Busy Beaver is an ideal teaching tool for children 3 to 7. The picture book’s simple digitally rendered images are used as an excellent story telling tool. The three main characters in The Busy Beaver can also be found in Big Bear Hug, and Making the Moose out of Life, also by Oldland.