Monster Fliers : from the time of the dinosaurs

ImageMonster Fliers : from the time of the dinosaurs
By MacLeod, Elizabeth

Illustrated by John Bindon
Kids Can Press

@2010; 31 p.; col. illust.        
Ages  7+
Reviewed by Mary Moroska

When children think of prehistory, they see visions of dinosaurs, these giant lizards that ruled the Earth. But, do they know that above them flew other creatures just as fascinating and terrifying? Well, here is a field guide, in picture book format, to 19 of these monster fliers.

Each one is has its own page. The clear and engaging text presents a pronunciation guide and interesting facts, in two or three paragraphs. But what will attract the reader are the dramatic illustrations. These will definitely challenge the notion “that T. Rex is the baddest prehistoric animal” (to quote one of my young readers).

What is interesting is the final double page, showing the relative sizes of these creatures in silhouette.
This is a great addition to the Dinosaur collection of any library. I just wish that it included page numbers to the silhouettes or even an index to refer to.
Highly recommended.