ABQLA Bulletin Submission Guidelines


Thank you for your submissions to the Bulletin!

Submitting Your Entry

Send your entry to the bulletin editors at: abqla.bulletin@gmail.com

We acknowledge receipt of submissions.   If you do not hear from us within a reasonable time span, please contact us through the Executive Secretary at abqla@abqla.qc.ca .


The ABQLA Bulletin accepts submission of:

  • Section Reports - It is the responsibility of each section President to submit or assign a section member to submit a report on section activities and upcoming events.
    • Accompanying photos are strongly encouraged.
    • If there are no section activities to report on, an article on a current topic of interest relevant to that section can to be submitted (see below).
  • Articles: on topical issues or events related to libraries in Quebec
  • Features and reports
  • Announcements and press releases
  • Opinion pieces on library-related issues
  • Suggested readings, useful websites and resources.  Any other topics related to libraries in Quebec.

All submissions will appear in both the print and online versions of the ABQLA Bulletin at: http://abqla.qc.ca/bulletin . Note that some items might be edited for length for inclusion in the print publication.

Submission Deadlines

The deadlines for submissions are as follows.  We thank you for striving to meet our deadlines:

  • January - April issue: March 21
  • May - August issue: July 21
  • September - December issue: November 21

Submission Requirements

1. Text Documents

Length of Submissions:

Your article can be as short and snappy as you like; we want to promote you to your peers! No matter how short your submission is, put it in an attached document.  For articles of 750 or more words, please contact the editors: abqla.bulletin@gmail.com.

Body of Text: At the beginning of the article, please include this information in the following order:

  • Bulletin Issue e.g. Jan – May 2013
  • Section Name (If relevant)
  • Title of Article
  • Author Name
  • Date Written

File format

  • Submit text as a document attachment NOT embedded into the body of an email.
  • Documents should be in Word (.rtf, .doc, .docx) or Google Documents format
  • Save your file using either of the following formats:
    • SectionNameShortForm.AuthorName.BulletinMonthYear  OR
    • ShortFormArticleTitle.AuthorName.BulletinMonthYear.  E.g. PublicLib.SmithR.Jan-May13
  • Font & Submission Changes: Use Times or Times New Roman 12 point font, single spaced.  If you need to make a change to a submission, please re-submit the entire document, with your revisions clearly indicated in the Track Changes/editing feature in Word OR clearly highlighted OR in bold.

2. Photos

File Format

  • Submit your photos as JPG attachments NOT embedded into the body of an email
  • Scan size should be at 300 dpi, necessary for high-quality reproduction.
  • Save your image file using either of the following formats:
    • SectionName.PhotographerName.BulletinMonthYearImage1of1 OR
    • ShortFormArticleTitle.PhotographerName.BulletinMonthYearImage1of2

E.g. PublicLib.SmithR.Jan-May13Image1of2

  • Image Description: Provide the full names of everyone in the picture, and the name of the person who took the picture. Please include all other relevant information: date, place, etc.

3. Advertisements

Ads should be submitted as a PDF and meet the specifications for size and price; specs can be e-mailed on request.

4. Book Reviews

Book reviews can go into any issue of the Bulletin.   We have relationships with a few publishers that supply complimentary copies of new books to members interested in writing a review. We also accept reviews of any books that are of interest to ABQLA members.

File Format

Please follow the general guidelines for document format, above.  Save your file using the following format:  NameofBook.’Review’.ReviewerName.BulletinMonth.
E.g.: PactofWolvesReviewSmithR.Jan-May13.doc

Bibliographic information: At the beginning of the review, please include this information in the following order:

  • Bulletin Issue e.g. Jan – May 2013
  • Author
  • Title
  • Publisher and date of publication
  • Number of pages and price
  • ISBN

Body of text: In approximately 150 words, give enough descriptive information to be useful to those who have not seen the book. A brief plot summary as well as a critique is the formula du jour.

Aspects to consider when reviewing different genres:

  • Fiction (including picture books and graphic novels): Plot, character development, age appropriateness, style, illustrations: what kind? Do they suit the text?
  • Non-Fiction: Lay out, content, does it have an index? Glossary? Bibliography? Does it cite its sources? Appropriateness for intended audience etc.

 Updated on January 30, 2013, based on October 1, 2011 revisions.