2012/2013 Professional Partnering Program - Call for mentors

Dear librarians and information professionals,
The Canadian Library Association Student Chapter at McGill University is pleased to invite you to participate in the 2012/2013 Professional Partnering Program.

The Professional Partnering Program is a flexible mentoring program that connects students in McGill's School of Information Studies with information professionals with similar professional interests. The program aims to develop relationships between students and professionals at a personal level, encouraging student career exploration and knowledge of the information studies field.

What is the time commitment?
Professional Partnering is designed to provide opportunities for communication without requiring a specific time commitment from participants. The program will begin with an informal reception to introduce participants to each other; the level of communication and specific activities will determined by the pair during or following the introduction.

What type of activities does Professional Partnering entail?
Partners are encouraged to determine what types of activities work best for them. Suggestions include:

  • a tour of the workplace
  • job shadowing
  • regular e-mail correspondence
  • informal chats on the phone or over coffee
  • C.V. and job-seeking advice
  • career planning sessions
  • introductions to professionals at conferences, lectures, or meetings

What are the benefits for me, as an Information Professional?
This is an opportunity to contribute to the professional development of future colleagues. The program is a great way to share knowledge you have gained over the years, find out what students are learning, reflect on your own career, and participate in the LIS community.

If you’re interested in participating, please fill out this online form before Friday October 5th (http://tinyurl.com/cc6x5ek) . We’re hoping to have the kickoff for the program on Wednesday October 17th.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Jessica Lange (Jessica.lange@mcgill.ca) or Julie Jones (Julie.jones@mcgill.ca) .

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jessica Lange & Julie Jones
Mentor Liaisons – Professional Partnering Program