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Mondoin - Bibliomondo
Contact: Frank Bernascon
7695, ave Papineau
Montréal, QC H2E 2H1
Tél.: 514-337-3000 poste 226

Founded in 1986, MondoIn is a Canadian library management software company. We are currently one of the leading ILS providers, servicing more than 1400 libraries, across 11 countries, and acquiring a strong base of users worldwide.
Today’s Libraries are part of a world where changes happen daily. A new generation of users, most aware of the latest technological advances, is expecting Libraries to adapt to this constantly evolving environment. In this context, modern Libraries are facing substantial technological adjustments in bringing forth an uncommon customer experience. Many innovative trends such as efficient self-serve systems, global access to virtual resources, outreach to Personal Digital Assistants and personalized service are key to getting users to discover or rediscover the wealth of the Library’s collections.
MondoIn is there for you! Our flexible and innovative thinking, coupled with your precious comments and suggestions, enable us to offer an array of cutting-edge technological solutions.


Carr McLean
Contact Person: Daniel Ryan
461 Horner Avenue
Toronto, ON M8W 4X2
Tel: 1-416-252-3371 or 1-800-268-2123

Canadian owned and operated for over 50 years, Carr McLean has proudly been and will continue to be the foremost Canadian library and archival product supplier. We, along with our clients, have dealt with the dramatic changes and issues with which all library and cultural organizations contend. Through one-on-one interaction, often facilitated by attendance at conferences and workshops across the country, Carr McLean and its clientele have emerged stronger than ever. You have kept us up-to-date on your needs, enabling us to source products, to improve our service, and to effectively assist a number of institutions in becoming leaders in their respective areas. Our Planning Department, Customer Service Team, and website are always ready to serve you. We thank you for your past support and look forward to being of service to you in the future.


Cultural Asset Management Group / Gaylord Bros
Contact Person: Shawna White / Shelley Falconer (français)
2186 Mountain Grove Avenue, Suite 453
Burlington, ON, L7P 4X4
Tel.: (905) 802-3234 / (647) 680-3191 (français)

We are an integrated arts management company and distributor of Gaylord Brothers. Founded in 1896, Gaylord is Your Trusted Source for library supplies, furniture and archival products.  From the book-mending supplies Gaylord was built on to custom archival solutions made just for you, we offer the high-quality products you need to manage, preserve and display your collection.

Infor Library and Information Solutions
Contact Person: Peg Hoyt
550 Cochituate Road, 3rd Floor, West Wing
Framingham, MA 01701
Tel: 508-598-4063 | Fax: 508-598-4215

Infor Library & Information Solutions provides libraries and information centers with comprehensive automation solutions. With our user-centric products libraries manage collections, market services and foster a collaborative online environment. Our products include V-smart, a web-based library management system that can be quickly deployed and easily maintained. V-smart incorporates all standard modules including Circulation, Cataloguing, Acquisitions, Serials and Reporting. Through a visually appealing and customizable interface, staff enjoys convenient access to all system functions. Infor also offers Iguana, a collaborative user interface. Iguana is a unique online platform to market your library's services, promote its collections and deliver a personalized user experience. You can now create a flexible web presence where your users learn about your library's offerings in an engaging way and collaborate with other around divers information needs. Learn more about Infor at www.libraries.infor.com and www.experience-iguana.com.


Librairie Clio
Contact Person: Judith Warne
245N Boul. St. Jean
Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 3J1
Tel: 514-695-5557

With many years’ experience and English accreditation, Librairie Clio combines a tradition of personal service with the power and efficiency of modern technology, enabling us to respond quickly and accurately to the needs of the modern library. Our instant access database of over 6 million titles allows us to provide detailed order acknowledgement within one working day. By identifying titles that are out of print, have no Canadian rights, are delayed or postponed editions, we quickly let you know what can be supplied in a timely fashion and can propose alternatives where appropriate. Our regular monitoring of order status enables us to provide detailed reports. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail to discuss how we can help you meet the expectations of your clients. We will be pleased to tell you about our services at the 80th Annual ABQLA Conference in May.


Contact Person: Sarah Lu
233 Spring Street
New York, NY 10013
Tel: 212-460-1570

Springer Science+Business Media (www.springer.com) is a leading global scientific publisher, providing researchers in academia, scientific institutions and corporate R&D departments with quality content via innovative information products and services. Springer is also a trusted local-language publisher in Europe - especially in Germany and the Netherlands - primarily for physicians and professionals working in the automotive, transport and healthcare sectors. Springer publishes roughly 2,000 journals and 7,000 new books each year, and the group is home to the world's largest STM eBook collection, as well as the most comprehensive portfolio of open access journals. Springer employs nearly 6,000 individuals across the globe.

Silver Sponsors


Archambault Inc.
Contact Person: Julien Larose
500, rue Saint-Catherine est.,
Montréal, QC H2L 2C6
Tél.: 514-849-4115 poste 25270

French bookstore, with complete website including ebooks and platform for patrons.


YBP Library Services
Contact Person: Sophia Apostol
999 Maple Street, Contoocook, NH 03299
Tel: 647-407-7674

YBP is a supplier of electronic and print monographs, collection management and technical service solutions to research libraries and consortia. YBP offers rapid fulfillment, extensive title inventory, and GOBI, the premier bibliographic information database for managing print and electronic acquisitions.

CrossCan Educational Services Ltd.
Contact Person: Lisa Maisonneuve
12 Court St.
St. Catharines, ON L2R 4R4

CrossCan Educational Services are sales agents for a number of high quality, award-winning, K-12 english language educational publishers. CrossCan offers a large range of formats such as paperback, hardcover, eBook, Interactive eBooks, databases.


Contact Person: Doug Lynch
110 Copper Creek Dr., Suite 305
Markham, ON L6B 0P9
Phone:  800-387-5241

EBSCO provides e-journals, e-book and e-journal package and print subscriptions, e-resource management tools, full-text and secondary databases, and related services for all types of libraries, research organizations and corporations.


Early Literacy Stations Canada
Contact Person: Donna Boyd
365 Bennington Gate, Unit 59
Waterloo, ON N2T 2L1

Early Literacy Stations Canada is the Canadian distributor of AWE products. We have been providing digital learning solutions to Canadian libraries for the past seven years. The Early Literacy Station (ELS) is a dynamic all-in-one digital learning solution for children ages 2-8. It requires no Internet connection, so it is safe and secure. This stand-alone, child-centred, engaging educational workstation provides a self-directed, intuitive learning environment designed to enable children to learn how to learn. The latest version features more than 60 educational software titles spanning seven curricular areas. The educational titles are pre-loaded on the computer and displayed using engaging graphics and intuitive menus. No Internet connection is required to use it. The station is available in Bilingual French, English and Bilingual Spanish.


Forbo Flooring
Contact Person: Christian Leduc
8300 Pascal Gagnon Montréal, QC H1P 1Y4
Tel: 514-227-5113 | Fax: 551-227-3437

Forbo Flooring Systems est un acteur majeur dans les projets bâtiments de revêtements de sol PVC et Linoleum et s'engage à créer un environnement meilleur, par le choix de ses matériaux, de ses processus de fabrication et de ses gammes de produits, destinés à améliorer le confort de tous.



Gibson Library Connections, Inc
Contact Person: Gary Gibson
P.O. Box 1058
Pointe-Claire, QC H9S 4H9
Tel.: 450-458-0677

Gibson Library Connections represents a select number of international Publishers including Alexander Street Press, Credo Reference, Informit and Intelex. GLC publishes the Canadian Elctronic Library and recently released desLibris, a new model for libraries to serve Canadian ebook content to readers.

GREYHOUSE Publishing
Contact Person: Bryon Moore
555, Richmond Street West, Suite 301
Toronto, ON M5V 3B1

Grey House Publishing Canada est un éditeur de bases de données et son répertoire-vedette, Répertoire et almanach canadien, publié depuis 1847, demeure la source principale lorsqu’il est question d’obtenir de l’information digne de foi à laquelle les bibliothèques, entreprises et bureaux gouvernementaux canadiens se réfèrent pour obtenir des données statistiques et démographiques ainsi que des coordonnées. Issus de cette base de données puissante, Le répertoire des associations du Canada, Bibliothèques Canada, Guide parlementaire canadien, Gouvernements du Canada, Guide des ressources environnementales canadiennes st Services financiers du Canada offrent un accès instantané aux renseignements qu’il faut connaitre au sujet de ces segments importants du gouvernement ou de l’industrie.


Librairie Monet
Laurent Borrégo, Director institutional
services / Responsable du service aux institutions
514-337-4088 ext./poste 218
Toll free/sans frais: 1-877-337-4083

Librairie Monet, an independent bookstore established since 1977, specializes in French-language Youth Literature, Comics and Graphic novels as well as in General and Academic publications. In addition to the expertise of our booksellers, you will enjoy a wide range of services, such as the new Virtual catalogue Monet PRO, the monthly New Releases Book Fair where you can browse through the latest French-language publications, and our new online francophone e-bookstore monet.ruedeslibraires.com.


Babar Books
Contact Person: Maya Byers
46 St. Anne, Pointe Claire, QC
1235-A Greene Avenue, Westmount, QC
E-mail: livresbabar@gmail.com

N-Take Enviro Products
Contact Person: Steve Mitchell
615 Orwell Street
Mississauga, ON L5A 2W4
Tel.: 905-272-2247


Contact Person: John Steele
7107 St-Denis, Room 204
Montreal, QC, H2S 2S5
Tel.: 514-750-32750 | Cell.: 514-452-3750

Pathfinder specializes in the publication of the writings and speeches of modern revolutionary working class leaders, including Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Nelson Mandela, V.I. Lenin, Malcolm X, Rosa Luxembourg, Jack Barnes, Fidel Castro, W.E. B. Dubois, Farrell Dobbs, Ernesto Che Guevara, Thomas Sankara and Leon Trotsky. Its catalogue of more that 500 titles, mainly in English, Spanish and French, includes current and archival material essential for understanding the world today. The books cover a multitude of subjects: the developing economic depression of the 21st century, the history of the workers’ movement, the Russian revolution, the Cuban revolution, the Black liberation struggle, the present situation in the Middle East, the struggle for women’s rights and many others. Pathfinder books usually contain glossaries, maps, indexes and photographs.
Visit the Pathfinder catalogue at: www.pathfinderpress.com

Rangement RSW Inc.
Contat Person: Claude Savard
110, rang des 54
Saint-Jean, QC J2X 5N8
Tel.: 450-741-0918

Que ce soit pour le rangement de dossiers, cartables, boîtes, livres, CD/DVD/VHS, équipements audio-visuels, etc, que ce soit pour l'ajout de rayonnage ou l'aménagement de nouveaux espaces, que ce soit au moyen de rayonnage fixe, mobile ou rotatif, nous concevons et implantons des solutions correspondant aux besoins, attentes et espaces de nos clients

Contact Person: Gaétan Bourbonnais
4388, rue Saint-Denis #200
Montréal, QC H2L 2L1
Tel.: 514-844-1781 # 237 | Fax: 514-272-4505

Renaud-Bray est le plus important réseau de librairies agréées au Québec. Avec 30 librairies réparties sur le territoire québécois, Renaud-Bray offre aux institutions un service personnalisé à la fine pointe des technologies modernes. DU personnel dédié, des salles de nouveautés complètes, un site web convivial et performant, des outils de gestion adaptés et un entrepôt unique au Québec constituent l'essentiel de l'offre de service qui distingue Renaud-Bray et en fait un partenaire de premier plan dans l'atteinte des objectifs stratégiques des bibliothécaires. www.renaud-bray.com


Ristech Company Inc.
Contact Person: Julie Galardo
8-5115 Harvester Road
Burlington, ON L7L 0A3
Phone: 905-631-7451 | Fax: 905-634-4813

Ristech Company is a leading supplier of digitization technology for fragile and bound documents. Specializing in the capture and distribution of images, Ristech has an impressive list of end users and partners in the imaging market place. Our technology is used extensively in libraries, archives and research facilities where quality and careful handling of materials is a concern. Some of our clients include The Library of Congress, Library and Archives Canada, The University of Toronto, University of Laval, Bishop's University and McGill University, to name a few. For more information, please visit www.ristech.ca.

Bronze Sponsors

Eureka.cc (CEDROM-SNi)
Contact Person: Josée Therrien
825 avenue Querbes, bureau 200
Montréal, Qc. H2V 3X1
Tel.: 514-278-6060 | Fax: 514-278-5415

Eureka.cc pour bibliothèque publique et d’enseignement vous permet de trouver l’article ou le billet recherché parmi plus de 5 000 sources locales, provinciales, nationales et internationales, en plus de 25 ans d’archives. Lancez vos requêtes parmi des articles de presse, des biographies, des sites web, des transcriptions de contenus télévisuels et radiophoniques, en plus de mentions Twitter via Selected Tweets (une sélection de tweets dans les domaines de la culture, de l'économie, des finances et de la consommation).
Avec la solution Eureka.cc pour bibliothèque publique et d’enseignement, visualisez certains documents en format PDF et bénéficiez de contenus exclusifs. Offrez aussi l’accès à distance à vos usagers via le réseau de votre bibliothèque.


Justin Time Records Inc.
Contact Person: Jim West
5524 St. Patrick Street suite 580
Montréal, QC
H4E 1A8
Tel: 514-738-9533


Contact Person: Bev White
2030 Dagenais O. Laval, QC H7L 5W2
Tel : 450-622-2212 | Fax: 450-622-1460
Developer and provider of educational resources and services to the educational community of Quebec.

Contact Person: Renee San Jose
One OverDrive Way
Cleveland, OHIO 44125
Tel.: 216-573-6886| Fax: 216-573-6888

Create your Virtual Branch! OverDrive® enables you to offer bestselling eBooks, audiobooks, music and video—online 24/7—from your library’s website. More than 22,000 libraries worldwide rely on OverDrive for the best selection, best service and best user experience.  With more than 800,000 premium titles available from more than 1,000 publishers, OverDrive has one of the largest catalogs of digital books and more for libraries. Our support for Windows®, Mac®, iPad®, iPhone®, Android™, Sony® Reader and NOOK™, plus hundreds of other devices makes us the most compatible download service for libraries. www.overdrive.com

Reliure Paré Inc.
Contact Person: Yves Paré
692 Boul. Guimond, Longueuil, QC J4G 1T5
Tel.: 450-670-5238 | Fax: 450-670-523


School of Information Studies,
McGill University
Contact Person: Susann Allnutt
3661 Peel St., Montréal, QC H3A 1X1
Tel: 514-398-6387 | Fax: 514-398-7193

The School of Information Studies (SIS) at McGill University is engaged in the education of information professionals, individuals who can make a difference to the management and design of information resources, services, and systems to ensure adequate access to information and knowledge for all. Our professors and students are involved in the study of various information-related phenomena. We seek to find better ways to organize, access, disseminate, use and preserve information and recorded knowledge.
The School offers a Master of Library and Information (MLIS) degree, with specializations in Librarianship, Archival Studies, and Knowledge Management.  Also available for those students who have already completed an MLIS are a Graduate Certificate and a Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Studies.  For students interested in pursuing doctoral studies, we offer a PhD in Information Studies.