Canadian Library Month

Submitted by: Meg Sinclair, LBPSB School Libraries

Giant crosswordOctober was Canadian Library Month, and Monday, October 22nd was National School Library Day.  The school libraries of the Lester B. Pearson School Board are raising awareness of the importance of their libraries this school year by engaging in special activities and projects.

National School Library Day gave opportunity to many to promote literacy and reading activities.  Events and contests, which represent the ingenuity and creativity of our school librarians, were: Research Wars, Get Caught Reading, So You Think You Can Search!, story-writing/reading, IPad stories for classes using the library Smartboard, a giant crossword for all to try, and a contest “Books I Read this Summer/Livres que j’ai lus cet ete “ with entries posted all around the school.

Plans for the future include a board-wide Battle of the Books competition between the high schools. Each school registers teams, and the schools are divided into two regional teams, the Steampunks and Graphica.  Stay tuned - the exciting results will be posted in the next issue of the Bulletin!



Story writing