CMD/CLIC: Call for Papers, Workshops and Seminars

This year marks the fifth Conference of the Library and Information Community of Quebec (CLIC), to be held November 25 to 27, 2013. For five years now, nine associations have been working together to create an event which, year after year, over a thousand people attend for professional training, inspiration and networking opportunities.

This year’s theme is “INNOVATING: exemplary practices, services and policies.”


For several years now, the library and information community has been caught in the eye of the storm: the transition from paper to digital, the access revolution, the explosion of costs, mobility and the gradual shift of data to clouds. These winds of change are sudden, irreversible and constant. Some of the possible answers to these are creativity, versatility and innovation.

The CLIC wants to explore all forms of innovation—not just technological ones—, from small ones that modify and improve our daily practices to big ones that inspire and will leave their mark on the evolution of the library and information community in a not-too-distant future.

Innovating means doing things differently. Innovating means thinking differently. Innovating also sometimes means daring to shake up long-held ideas in our professional practices. The CLIC is a place of exchange and discussion. It wants to hear all voices.

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