That One Spooky Night

ImageWritten by Dan Bar-el, illustrated by David Huyck

Kids Can Press, 2012

80 p.; $8.95 (paper)

ISBN: 9781554537525 (paper); 9781554537518 (hardcover)

Reviewed by Katherine van der Linden

Ages 7 and up

Dan Bar-el tells three different Halloween stories in graphic novel format. In “Broom with a View,” a girl accidently swaps brooms with a real witch and is taken for the ride of her life when the broom decides to returns to its mistress. In “10,000 Tentacles Under the Sea,” two brothers masquerading as aquatic superheroes are surprised when their bathtub allows them to swim to a magical realm. Finally, in “The Fang Gang” a group of trick-or-treaters who are frightening the unwary get a fright themselves when they are invited by some strangers to attend a party. The different stories are loosely tied together by an opening which advises readers that the events all happened “that night like no other,” but each story can be read separately. This is not a particularly scary Halloween book, and the content may appeal more to girls. The illustrations are attractive and imaginative, making them almost more enjoyable than the stories.