Presentation of the 2016 Anne Galler Award to Anne Wade

Remarks by Christine Jacobs, May 4, 2016


First of all, I would like to say, Anne, that I am so pleased to be participating in this moment when you are recognized by our community for your long, on-going contributions. The award is richly deserved.

I had the pleasure of working with Anne in two different circumstances. We shared responsibility for the CODE Holiday event for a number of years. Anne – you were so easy to work with – always focussed, always professional, always thoughtful.  The job never seemed particularly onerous, or complicated, thanks to your can-do attitude. And you have continued to support this event through the years – an event so close to Anne Galler’s heart.

We were also lucky enough to have Anne work with us in the Information and Library Technologies department at John Abbott College in the late 90s.  Megan was a year old, if that, and we were able to tempt Anne into teaching with us for a year. Alas, she went back to Concordia full time, but not before it became evident that she had a flair for teaching. We were very sorry to lose her, her professionalism and her warmth.

But our loss was Concordia’s gain. Anne has accomplished much in her years there. Educational technology, e-learning, e-portfolios, information literacy instruction… there have been many projects consuming her time and care.  She is currently Manager/ Information Specialist at the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance at Concordia University. CSLP is a multi-institutional research centre of excellence composed of dozens of faculty researchers, a diverse professional staff, and many graduate students.  Managing the Centre cannot be an easy task!

One of Anne’s additional titles is LTK Coordinator. LTK, which stands for Learning Toolkit, is a software kit designed to support the development of literacy, inquiry and other cross-curricular competencies while encouraging self-regulated learning. As part of her involvement in its development Anne has had the opportunity to travel to far places. In fact, she is recently returned from teaching grade school teachers at the Aga Kahn Academy Mombasa, Kenya as part of a program to improve teacher performance.

In her positions at Concordia she has touched many – through research, publishing, teaching and coordination of services.  In 2008 the American Psychological Association awarded Anne its Excellence in Librarianship Award, recognising significant contributions or research within psychology and social sciences librarianship.

Over her career, Anne has not only “done her job” exceedingly well,  but has also managed to be very active in our professional associations – serving as president for both ABQLA and the Eastern Canada Chapter of SLA, as well as in many other positions on the boards, giving freely of her energies to benefit her colleagues.

Adjectives to describe Anne?  Poised, energetic, determined, organized, speedy, clear-sighted, helpful, canny, positive, busy, knowledgeable, compact, efficient, cheerful… the list is long, but you get the idea.

With all this in mind, it is very fitting that ABQLA recognize Anne Wade’s contributions to librarianship with the Anne Galler Award for Outstanding Library Service.

Congratulations, Anne!