President’s Message, December 2011

It is no secret that our profession is advancing rapidly. New technologies necessitate major operational changes almost daily. Last year, it was no surprise to see over 180 people with an interest in library and information science attend our annual conference, the theme of which was mobility. But how should we respond to this new reality? How do we take advantage of this new challenge to move us forward?

What we have is an opportunity to redefine our role in society. Technology, which at first seemed such a threat, actually offers us tools to better establish ourselves as information experts. It is up to us to leverage this situation to increase our visibility and influence in our respective fields.

For too long, library and information professionals worked in the shadows, playing a role that was poorly promoted and therefore little understood. It is up to us to promote our new role as leaders in information. We have to track and influence emerging trends and position ourselves as the experts we are.

To do this, updating our knowledge is essential. This is why the ABQLA offers a wide range of professional development workshops to help you update your skills and support you in developing best practices in information science.

The program of activities for 2011-2012 was launched on October 3 at the Kirkland Municipal Library. We enjoyed a guided tour led by Sonia Djevalikian, Division Head of the recently renovated library. It was a great opportunity to network with over 50 colleagues from the world of information.  

Throughout the year, members of the board of directors and section heads will continue to offer training sessions and workshops on traditional and emerging aspects of our profession. Please visit our website to find out more.

Plus, don’t forget to mark these dates in your agenda:

November 30 to December 2: Congrès des milieux documentaires, where you can attend a workshop given by Kathy Dempsey entitled Writing Marketing Messages That Matter, offered by the ABQLA, joint host for the conference.

May 3, 2012: ABQLA Annual Conference. An event where learning, discussion and networking will have a place of honour.

I wish you a great year and I hope to have the pleasure of seeing you at one of our workshops.

Julie-Anne Cardella