Recent Presentation at John Abbott College: Communications Specialist Lectures

ImageInformation and Library Technologies (ILT) , John Abbott College
St. Anne de Bellevue, November 5. Students in the Information and Library Technologies (ILT) department at John Abbott College were given the opportunity today to hear communications specialist, Judee Ganten, present her lecture “Get Your Message Out”. As part of a series of events being held by the Public Relations class, a group of students invited the founder of Ganten Communications to speak about her professional approach towards business communication.

Ganten’s first-hand experience with public relations allowed her to share tips on how to promote a business by establishing and maintaining a communications plan. The lecture stressed the importance of identifying a target audience as well as the development of a key message that can gain credibility and support a company’s case.

The speaker then focused on her experience as a publicist for Bombardier Aerospace. She explained how the success of her company’s contract with Bombardier relied heavily on a consistent communications plan and how each step of the plan had to be executed in a timely manner.

The audience, made up of mostly first-year students and some third-year students, was encouraged to ask questions throughout, allowing for a more interactive experience. Ganten answered all the questions and made connections to the public relations course content, often using real-life experiences as examples to better illustrate her point. Julie Lagacé, a student and one of the organizers, said she was pleased with the amount of questions the others had and found that it made for a more interesting presentation.

Following the lecture, refreshments were served and students and staff were able to chat with Ganten in a less formal environment.