Review: Quebec Library Association: An Historical Overview, 1932–2007

The following review of the ABQLA history book, Quebec Library Association: An Historical Overview, 1932–2007 = L’Association des bibliothécaires de Québec: un survoi historique, authored by Peter McNally and Rosemary Cochrane, appears in the upcoming September issue of Library and Information History.

"Whereas in Great Britain among other countries the establishment of a national Library Association preceded the formation of regional branches, in Canada the impetus began at provincial level. It is thus that the Quebec Library Association goes back to 1932 and is able to celebrate its seventy-fifth anniversary with this essay, although the Canadian Library Association was not founded until 1946. Publication in journals, rather than as an independent booklet, may have facilitated print circulation: however, the chosen method ensures simultaneous promulgation in English and French. One looks forward to a history embracing both the Canadian Library Association and all its regional ones, with full contextualisation. Broader overviews require building blocks, and it is to be hoped that the provision of this building block will encourage more, both in quantity and, as the authors of this report desire, in level of detail."

In: LIBRARY & INFORMATION HISTORY, Vol. 26 No. 3, p.234, September, 2010

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