The Adventures of Medical Man: kids’ illnesses and injuries explained

ImageBy Dr. Michael Evans and David Wichman. Art by Gareth Williams
Annick Press – 2010
72 pages - $12.95
ISBN: 978-1-55451-262-1
Age: 7 to 10
Reviewed by Dolores del Valle

“The adventures of Medical Man” is a fantastic book that helps to explain some illnesses and injuries such as concussions, nut allergies, broken bones, strep throat, ear infection and asthma. As children might find this information scary, confusing or boring, the authors found a non-threatening, interesting and fun way to explain them. The book contains six stories and is a combination of graphic novel and comic book, full of charismatic characters such as: detectives, werewolves and superheroes that would certainly please our younger readers. Our protagonists would have to defeat spider alien invaders and other villains such as Prof. Pyro and his firebugs of doom! But most importantly while amusing themselves reading these adventures, children will learn interesting facts about their bodies, illness, injuries and their treatment.

The book also contains a glossary and an index. Age appropriateness: 7 to 10