Canada In Colours

ImageCanada In Colours
Gürt, Per-Henrik
Kids Can Press 2008
24 pgs, $14.95
ISBN 13: 978-1-55453-240-7

Age 2-4

Reviewed by Christine F. Smith

Offering Canadian geography while exploring colors, Canada In Colours, by Per-Henrik Gürth, is a great way to get infants and preschoolers acquainted with their country while learning elementary skills.  Especially nice, this board book, intended for children aged two to four, does not limit color exploration to just man-made objects. Instead, it explores colors in the Canadian outdoors, subtly encouraging children to take part in activities, like swimming and hiking, and exposing children to prominent Canadian wildlife, like bears and moose. Beyond supporting outdoor exploration, this board book is great for boosting vocabulary.  Children will learn color words, place names and ‘colorful’ verbs. Each spread’s one-sentence description is completed by a vivid action verb (e.g. blanket, whisper, flutter, sway), which accents the well-illustrated scenes and encourage vocabulary development.