Chicken, pig, cow and the purple problem

ImageChicken, pig, cow and the purple problem
By Ohi, Ruth    
Annick Press
[36] p.; col. illust.               
Ages  3 – 8
Reviewed by Mary Moroska

In this third adventure of these three characters, cow is fed up of being different.  Why are her spots purple and not brown or even gray, like other cows? So she sets out to change her spots. After trying different things to change her colour, she returns home but her friends do not recognize her. Finally, she is reassured that she is their friend no matter what she looks like.

The simple humorous text, warm illustrations are a delight for both the adult and child reader.

I wonder if Ruth Ohi got her inspiration from Ogden Nash’s poem about a purple cow?
Being unique is a hard lesson for the young to learn to live with. This book deals with this and with what friends are in a wonderfully refreshing style.

Highly recommended.