The Daily Comet: Boy Saves Earth From Giant Octopus

ImageAuthor Asch, Frank (author) & Asch, Devin (illustrator)
Kids Can Press, 2010
29 pages, $18.95 (CAN)
ISBN 978-1-55453-281-0
Ages: 6 and up
Reviewed by Anne Hill

Hayward Palmer is all about the facts. This frequently puts him into conflict with his father’s work as a journalist for the sensational Daily Comet tabloid. On his school’s “Go to Work with a Parent Day” Hayward reluctantly joins his father on a whirlwind tour of the city as they track down the latest stories. Over the day, Hayward witnesses increasingly unlikely events and meets people he does not believe exist including Elvis and Bigfoot. Ultimately, Hayward is required to use his powers of intellect to save the day against a fantastical metal octopus from outer space! This picture book is lively and entertaining, the sepia and gray toned images creatively sprinkled with colours evoking a feeling of a stereotypical 1950’s news room and monster movie. The visuals are full of humorous puns and evidence as Hayward learns new respect for his father and reliance on himself.