A Flock of Shoes

ImageSarah Tsiang (Illustrations by Qen Leng)
Annick Press, 2010.
30 p. ; $8.95
ISBN: 9781554512485
Ages: 2-7
Reviewed by: Caitlin Bakker

What happens to sandals during winter? In Abby’s case, her favorite pink and brown flip flops fly right off of her feet and join a flock of migrating birds heading for warmer climates. While her sandals send her postcards of sandy beaches and palm trees from far off places—writing that “we miss you to the bottom of our soles”—Abby learns to love stomping through the snow in her fuzzy purple and blue boots.

But, when spring comes again, Abby’s boots hop aboard the Northbound Express as her favourite sandals fall from the sky, ready for another summer of fun. Sarah Tsiang’s text is both whimsical and minimalistic, perfectly punctuated by Qin Leng’s watercolor illustrations. This imaginative, circular story is not only fun and easily relatable for children between ages two and seven, but a pleasure for parents as well.