Have You Ever Seen a Hippo with Sunscreen?

ImageEtta Kaner (Illustrations by Jeff Szuc)
Kids Can Press, 2010.
32 p. ; $14.95
ISBN: 9781554533374
Reviewed by Caitlin Bakker

The fourth in the “Have You Ever Seen?” non-fiction series, this book will teach children how a lynx walks in snow, how an alligator shades its eyes, and how a seal plugs its nose underwater. By comparing humans and animals in a question-and-answer format, the book is easily accessible and perfect for reading aloud. The silly questions inevitably lead to a few giggles while Jeff Szuc’s brightly colored illustrations add to the humor. The lighthearted approach is both educational and enjoyable. However, although the book is intended for children aged four to seven, pre-kindergarteners might find the included board game to be a bit too challenging. This book—along with the rest of the “Have You Ever Seen?” series—is recommended for home, school, and public libraries.