Looking Closely around the Pond

ImageSerafini, Frank
Kids Can Press 2010
Approx. 40 pgs, $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-55337-395-7
Age 3-7
Reviewed by Sarah Gibbs

Serafini’s Looking Closely around the Pond follows the same format as Looking Closely in the Rain Forest, another title in the Looking Closely series from Kids Can Press. The book is a testament to the efficacy of Serafini’s device—the use of close-up photography to create decontextualized images of the natural environment—as it renders enthralling inhabitants of the common pond. The guessing game structure will maintain readers’ attention and teachers and caregivers will be interested in the Photographer’s Note at the conclusion, which identifies the locations at which Serafini shot the images. The book lacks an index and table of contents. However, the text that accompanies each photograph is informative and appropriate for the audience; the series targets children aged three to seven.