Luz Sees the Light

ImageLuz Sees the Light
Claudia Dávila
Kids Can Press, 2011.
90 p. ; $16.95
ISBN:     978-1-55453-581-1 (bound)
Young Adults
Reviewed by Alisa Soukhodolskaia

Luz’s neighbourhood keeps on having power outages. And with the gas prices going up, her mom won’t drive her to the mall or buy the expensive imported fruit she likes! As Luz begins to discover the implications of relying too much on petrol, she decides to take matters into her own hands (and those of her friends!) and turn the abandoned lot next to her apartment into a Friendship Park devoted to community, sharing, and growing food locally.

This graphic novel will appeal to preteens: the topic of the book is serious, but they discover it at the same time as Luz, an outgoing 12 year old with weird neighbours and great friends. Luz isn’t always perfect: she likes to be driven to the mall instead of walking and sometimes argues with her mom. She’s a relatable character who grows and learns as the story unfolds. Unfortunately, the book feels a bit short, with an undeveloped crush story and so many characters. Then again, Luz is the heroine of a whole new series, so readers will have lots of opportunities to find out more.