Colgan, Lynda (Illustrations by Jane Kurisu)
Kids Can Press, 2011
40 p. ; $17.95
ISBN: 9787554534258

Reviewed by Luisa Nino

Ages 8 and up

Finally a book that manages to make the most dreaded subject fun! Mathemagic teaches kids fabulous tricks and secrets to solve mathematical problems with an element of fun and mystery.


Each trick has step by step instructions and explanations about why they work, as well as mixing them with a magician’s performance tips to build expectation and excitement. Kids will love showing their friends how powerful their minds are when computing numbers. The book actually manages memorizing multiplication tables almost effortless.

Each page is fully illustrated and, it includes thorough explanations and some historical facts. It also includes a glossary with mathematical terminology and “secrets to success”, tips that make each trick even more surprising.

This book contains excellent material for kids, parents and mostly math teachers who have a treasure chest of fun ways to learn.