My cat Isis

ImageMy cat Isis
by Catherine Austen
Illustrations by Virginie Egger
Kids Can Press – 2011
32 pages - $18.95 CDN
Ages: 4-7
Reviewed by Dolores del Valle

A young boy who owns a pet cat called “Isis” is the narrator of the book. In each page, the little boy compares his cat Isis with the Egyptian goddess also named Isis. Goddess and cat are not that similar; in fact, they are very different bringing about funny comparison results, such as: “Isis was the daughter of Earth and Sky. I got my Isis when our neighbor’s cat had kittens”.

This is a simple and beautiful collage and painting illustrated book that would help kids learn some introductory facts about the ancient Egyptian culture and relate them with their everyday lives.  However, some of the comparisons are vague and the book presents very basic information of the Egyptian culture to be able to make curriculum connections with it.