Ninja Cowboy Bear presents The Call of the Cowboy

ImageNinja Cowboy Bear presents The Call of the Cowboy
David Bruins, Hilary Leung
Kids Can Press, 2011.
32 p. ; $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-55453-748-8
Ages 5-7
Reviewed by Alisa Soukhodolskaia

In this third book in the Ninja Cowboy Bear series, Cowboy is looking to make some noise! But the Bear needs quiet when he’s photographing birds and the Ninja doesn’t like to be disrupted when he’s reading a book. As his friends walk off huffing and puffing, Cowboy wonders what he did to make his friends act so strangely.
This book is aimed at a young audience: children still learning how to read and how to deal with tough situations. There’s plenty of action in the illustrations to keep them interested and interacting – reading out the many exclamations to understand just how loud they can be - as they read the clear but not overly simple prose. The onomatopoeia also makes this book great for beginning readers; parents will enjoy reading them the more difficult passages.