Ten Birds

ImageTen Birds
Young, Cybèle
Kids Can Press, 2011
30p. ; $18.95
ISBN 9781554535682

Reviewed by Luisa Nino

First, the striking ink drawings make this book something of a treasure;  second, the inventive almost wordless story about ten birds that need to cross a river, a metaphor for our solving problem habits and how usually the simplest solution is the best one.  Each bird has a name such as “Outstanding” “Brilliant” “Magnificent” “Remarkable”, etc. and each one creates a complex mechanism to cross the river. One by one leaves one side to get to the other while we count backwards to the last little bird “who needs improvement”, is the only one remaining to cross.  

This is a wonderful tale of how language plays with our capacities and our self-worth as well as showing how each of us has a distinct way to arrive to our destinations.

This book is recommended for children ages 7 and up. Good for story time and inviting a discussion.