Think Again

ImageBy JonArno Lawson. Ilustrated by Julie Morstad
KCP Poetry (imprint of Kids Can Press) – 2010
64 pages - $18.95 CDN
ISBN: 978-1-55453-423-4

“Think Again” is a collection of short poems for young adults written by the award-winning author JonArno and beautifully illustrated by artist Julie Morstad. As often happens with poetry, these texts can be interpreted in different ways. One might be, a first-love story between two teenagers describing their joys and uncertainties; the art of Julie Morstad contributes enormously to create this bittersweet love story. However, the poems not necessarily need to be read in chronological order, they can also be read independently as philosophical and humorous short texts about life, or as an introspective journey. It is a very fast read and any teenager that enjoys poetry would find this book appealing and captivating.