Tower of Treasure (Three Thieves: Book One)

ImageBy Chantler, Scott
Kids Can Press, 2010
112 pages, $8.95 (CAN)
ISBN 978-1-55453-415-9
Recommended Ages: 9 and up
Reviewed by Anne Hill

Scott Chantler dedicates this book as “the story with a castle in it”. He has created a fun graphic novel full of derring-do and social unrest centred on a plucky heroine. Dessa Redd is a 14 year old acrobat who is on a mission to find her missing brother. Her companions are Topper who is always out to prove his reputation as the world’s greatest thief and Fisk the One-Headed Ettin, the definition of the gentle giant. They are in a rough medieval fantasy world where their daring caper to rob royal treasury is played out against a backdrop of social injustice, evil viziers, and noble captains of the guard. The colours are saturated and the art clear and strong. This is a straight up adventure, the first of a series, and quite a fun and dangerous good time.