Ultimate trains

ImageUltimate trains
By McMahon, Peter

Illustrator: Mora, Andy

Series: Machines of the future
Kids Can Press
[40] p.; col. illust.              
Ages  8+

Trains are part of our modern world and many, boys especially, are fascinated by them. But how did they evolve?

Here is a book that gives a brief illustrated timeline that goes back 5,000 to the first wheel and moves quickly to focus on the design of future maglev trains. As each of the five major innovations is featured, there is an accompanying experiment to try that explains the science involved.

The book starts with a table of contents, an Introduction and safety note (for the experiments) and ends with a glossary and index.
This is the first book in a promising series. The well developed and easy to follow hands on experiments, the clear and bright illustrations and the relatively sparse text will draw-in even the reluctant reader. But these readers will find the actually text hard going.