You’re finally here!

ImageYou’re finally here!
By Mélanie Watt
Kids Can Press – 2011
48 pages - $18.95 CDN
Ages: 3-6
Reviewed by Dolores del Valle

This book presents another quirky character from the author and illustrator of  “Scaredy Squirrel”, Mélanie Watt. This time the protagonist is a very cute little bunny who is also very impatient and has mood swings every time we turn the page. From being completely thrilled and exhilarated welcoming (you) the reader to his book, he becomes annoyed and complains about how long you kept him waiting; then he goes back to being thrilled and then angry again; to the point that he wants the reader to sign a contract to stay with him forever and ever; however, he promptly forgets about the reader and the contract, once he gets an important phone call.

This is a very cute funny book that many children and adults will enjoy. However, for some people it might seem a little bit long, to go through 48 pages of the same thing over and over again, as there is not really a story to the book.