The Stone Hatchlings

ImageWritten by Sarah Tsiang, illustrated by Qin Leng

Annick Press, 2012

32 p.; $9.95 (paperback), $19.95 (hardcover)

ISBN: 978-1-55451-432-8 (paperback); 978-1-55451-433-5 (hardcover)

Reviewed by Christine F. Smith

Ages 4-7

Some children create imaginary friends. Some invent imaginary stories. Abby made herself imaginary pets in the new book Stone Hatchlings.

“Abby found two heavy eggs in her backyard. They were smooth and warm. She looked all around for a nest but there wasn’t one. They must have fallen from the sky.”

Stone Hatchlings follows Abby as she guards these eggs, watches them hatch, and ultimately has to make the choice of keeping her new pets or letting them return to the wild. The story combines innocent imagination with the real life emotions of loss and joy. The text is short and punchy, with many pages leaving much to be inferred. The illustrations are colorful and full of movement, just like Abby’s imagination.