Toads on Toast

ImageWritten by Linda Bailey; illustrations by Colin Jack

Kids Can Press, 2012

32 p.; $18.95 (hardcover)

ISBN: 9781554536627

Reviewed by Alisa Soukhodolskaia

Ages 3-7

Fox is bored of eating big fat toads every day. After a visit to the bookstore, he discovers a recipe for small young toads and a sack full of toadlets from the pond. It is not long before their mama turns up and tries her best to convince Fox not to eat her babies... and to convince her babies not to play in the honey or the butter!

This book is recommended for readers aged 3 to 7, who will love the page-wide colourful animation-style illustrations (from illustrator Colin Jack, who worked on Hotel Transylvania), as well as the mischievous toadlets who get into all sorts of trouble in the background, while their mama works to keep them out of the frying pan. The book also includes an easy recipe for “toads on toast” for kids to try out with their parents. The recipe – tested by the reviewer- is tasty and sure to engage readers and add another level of creative fun to the story.