The Tooth Mouse

ImageWritten by Susan Hood, illustrations by Janice Nadeau

Kids Can Press, 2012

32 p.; $18.95 (hardcover)

ISBN: 9781554535651

Reviewed by Alisa Soukhodolskaia

Ages 3-7

Sophie is a little mouse who would rather go on an adventure than go to sleep. When the Tooth Mouse – who collects the baby teeth and leaves coins in their place – decides to retire and choose a successor, Sophie knows she’s the right mouse for the job. She will have to prove that she is brave, honest, and wise by completing a series of difficult tasks.

This book has many charms, including a beautiful matte cover, delicate illustrations, and a list of tooth traditions from around the world on the inside back cover. The audience is 3 to 7 year olds, though the illustrations may be too intricate for the younger ones. While the story will appeal to both boys and girls who are losing their baby teeth, the pastel colour palette might cause boys to lose interest. Bilingual readers will like the use of French expressions interspersed in the text.