Wrapping Up the Year: A Recap of the Last Season’s Events

Wrapping Up the Year: A Recap of the Last Season’s Events

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Cataloguing & Technical Services

From left to right: Niusha Zohoorian (Section President), Christine Jacobs (Retired), Francisca Perez (City of Montreal), Christopher Carr (Concordia), Georges Bilodeau (UQAM), and Lidia Kruk (John Abbott)


The Cataloguing and Technical Services Fall Event on October 12, 2023, held at the Vanier Library, Concordia University, was a resounding success.
Attendees and panelists came together to explore the theme “Fostering Cataloguing Success: Insights and Collaboration between Emerging Cataloguers and Experienced Professionals.”

The focal point of the event was the panel discussion, featuring seasoned cataloguers representing diverse sectors. The distinguished panelists included Robert Georges Bilodeau from UQAM, Christopher Carr from Concordia University, Francisca Perez representing the City of Montreal, Lidia Kruk from John Abbott, and retired cataloguer Christine Jacobs.

These experts candidly shared their daily triumphs and challenges, offering invaluable insights to the emerging cataloguers present. They also delved into the changing landscape of cataloguing in the digital age and the novel challenges influencing cataloguing practices. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice from the panelists. Following the panel discussion, the event transitioned into a networking and social gathering. Armed with insights, a network of like-minded colleagues, and perhaps a newfound appreciation for the art of cataloguing, attendees left with more than just knowledge; they departed with a genuine feeling of connection and shared purpose.

Here’s to more successful events in the future and the thrilling journey of navigating the ever-evolving landscape of our professional endeavours. Until next time, happy cataloguing!



Public Libraries

From left to right: Natanya Belle de Smit (Section VP), Sonali Karnick (CBC), Jessica Desormeaux (Section President)


On October 24th, the Public Libraries section of ABQLA hosted its inaugural event, and we’re thrilled to report that it was a great success! We had the pleasure of welcoming CBC host Sonali Karnick, who shared insights from her recent series on Quebec libraries featured on her radio show, All in a Weekend. During her captivating presentation, Sonali shed light on the rich diversity among the showcased libraries—varying in size, background, and membership models. Despite these differences, what unites them all is a steadfast commitment to serving their communities through engaging activities, diverse collections, and creating inclusive spaces.

A special thanks to the Dorval Library for graciously providing us with their activity room as the venue for our gathering. It proved to be an ideal setting,  for post-talk mingling and connections over refreshments.

We extend our gratitude to Sonali Karnick, Dorval Library, and everyone who joined us. We look forward to reconnecting at our next event!




College & Research and the McGill Student Chapter


On November 9, 2023, McGill University’s Redpath Library played host to Speed Networking, a dynamic event jointly organized by the College and Research section and the McGill Student Chapter. Free and open to all, this gathering also provided a fantastic opportunity for participants in the Mentorship Program to connect with their counterparts. A total of 31 attendees seized the chance to mingle while enjoying a spread of snacks, wine, and beverages during the initial half-hour of casual socializing.

The heart of the event featured structured “speed networking” sessions, where participants rotated among small tables scattered throughout the room. With a bell ringing after 5 minutes of lively conversation, attendees moved around the room, making new connections. Conversation flowed so seamlessly that we found ourselves ringing the bell multiple times to alert participants that it was time to switch tables and meet fresh faces.

Wrapping up the evening, the event concluded with another half hour of open networking, allowing everyone to freely engage with whomever they pleased. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their enjoyment of the event. Students, in particular, were delighted to have the chance to connect with and learn from experienced library professionals. Until our next events, keep the conversations flowing and the connections growing!



Youth and School

Maxime Beaulieu (Réseau BIBLIO de la Montérégie)

In the evening of November 14th, at the Jean-Corbeil Public Library in Anjou, a gathering embarked on an exclusive journey into the captivating world of collection development. The event, “Collection Development: Comic Books and Manga Series,” promised insights into the art of curating stellar collections for both schools and public libraries.

The ambiance was set for an adventure into the pages of comics and manga, with attendees eager to uncover the secrets of navigating endless series and maximizing tight budgets in the pursuit of building outstanding library collections.

Guiding us through this literary escapade was the seasoned librarian and General Manager of the Réseau BIBLIO de la Montérégie, Maxime Beaulieu. With nearly 22 years of experience, previously serving in various capacities with the City of Montreal, Maxime brought a wealth of knowledge and a carefully curated selection of books. Attendees were treated to a showcase highlighting the rich variety of comics, graphic novels, and manga available for inclusion in their collections.

This event was our only event this season offered in a hybrid format, welcoming online attendees via Zoom. The digital realm expanded the reach of this insightful gathering, allowing even more individuals to participate in the exploration of collection development strategies.

As the night wrapped up, attendees departed with a fresh perspective, ready to embark on their journeys of curating dynamic comic book and manga collections. Until the next literary rendezvous, may your shelves be filled with captivating stories and your collection development endeavours be nothing short of extraordinary!