Anne Galler Award Recipients

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Outstanding Library Service (2000 – )

2023    Joan Harrison, Librarian
Sacred Heart School of Montreal

2022    Melissa Tomecz, Librarian
John Abbott College

2021     Not awarded this year

2020     Not awarded this year

2019     Suzanne Nesbitt, Librarian
Lester B. Pearson School Board

2018     Joan Fraser-Burton, Library Technician
New Frontiers School Board

2017     Eileen “Beany” Peterson, Medical Librarian
Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

2016     Anne Wade, Manager Information Specialist,
Lecturer Center for the Study of Learning and Performance/Education Concordia University

2015     Lonnie Weatherby, Librarian
McGill University

2014     Wendy Wayling, Children’s Librarian
Westmount Public Library

2013     Louise Carpentier, Lecturer,
School of Information Studies, McGill University;

Head, Government Information Services and Political Science Librarian,
Concordia University (Retired)

2012     Christine Jacobs, Chair of the Department of Information & Library Technologies,
John Abbott College

2011     Eva Roskies Raby, Executive Director
Jewish Public Library

2010     Peter McNally, Professor
School of Informations Studies, McGill University

2009     Ann  Moffat, Director
Westmount Public Library

2008     Nicholas Hoare,
Nicholas Hoare Ltd.
               Jonathan Penney,
Groupe Archambault

2007     Sonia Djevalikian, Director
Kirkland Library

2006     Karen Findlay, Librarian
Royal West High School

2005     Rosemary Cochrane,
Loyola High School

2004     Jeanne Ragbir, Library Consultant
Lester B. Pearson School Board

2003     Rennie MacLeod, Librarian
ECS School

2002     Virginia Ferguson, Librarian
Selwyn House

2001     Beverley Gilbertson, Head Librarian
Montreal Children’s Library

2000     Frances Ackerman, Chief Librarian
Fraser Hickson Institute

Service Award (1990 – 1999 )
Achievement Award (1995 – 1998 )
Membership Award (1990 – 1993 )

1999     Elleen Sinnamon

1998     Sharen McDonald

1997     Carol Greene

1996     Eliane Lefebvre, Louise Lefebvre

1995     Marie Baboyant

1994     Irene Aubrey

1993     Jeanne Randle

1992     Donna Duncan

1991     Anne Galler

1990     Joan Coulter

1998     Maria Varvarikos

1996     Kay Foy

1995     Isabel “Sue” Best, Norah Bryant, Anna Rovira

1993     Susan Perles

1992     Barbara Hiron

1991     Molly Walsh

1990     Mary-Louise Simon, Edith Drumond